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University of Alabama Radiogenic Isotope Lab: RadIs


Select Publications Using Isotope Data


Stowell, H.H., Tulloch, A., Zuluaga, C.A., Koenig, A., 2010, Timing and duration of garnet granulite metamorphism in magmatic arc crust, Fiordland, New Zealand: Chemical Geology, v. 273, p. 91-110.

Stowell, H.H., Bulman, G.R., Tinkham, D.K., Zuluaga, C.A., 2011. Garnet growth during crustal thickening in the Cascades Crystalline Core, Washington, U.S.A. Journal of Metamorphic Geology, 29, 627-647.

Gatewood, M.P., Stowell, H.H., 2012. Linking zircon U–Pb and garnet Sm–Nd ages to date loading and metamorphism in the lower crust of a Cretaceous magmatic arc, Swakane Gneiss, WA, USA. Lithos, 146-147, 128-141.

Stowell, H.H., Odom Parker, K., Gatewood, M.P., Tulloch, A., Koenig, A., 2014. Temporal links between pluton emplacement, garnet granulite metamorphism, partial melting, and extensional collapse in the lower crust of a Cretaceous magmatic arc, Fiordland New Zealand, Journal of Metamorphic Geology, 32, 151-175.

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