DGS Travel Scholarships (A.S. Johnson Fund)

The A. S. Johnson Travel Fund (Johnson Fund) was established to provide support to promising undergraduate or graduate geological sciences students enrolled full time.

In order to be eligible for A. S. Johnson funds, you must also submit a Graduate School Research and Travel Support Fund Application for the same time period (fall, spring, or summer). This form is administered by the UA Graduate School. Read more about the Graduate School’s Research and Travel Support Fund.

View or download the Microsoft Word (.docx) DGS-TravelApplication.docx (83 downloads) or PDF (.pdf) DGS-TravelApplication.pdf (92 downloads) version of the DGS Travel Fund Application.


Successful graduate applicants will have (i) completed the work to be presented at UA and (ii) completed all of their graduate benchmarks on time.

It is expected that graduate students will have also applied to the Graduate School Research and Travel Grant program.

Application Process

Annual calls for the DGS Travel Fund are August 25 and December 15 each year. The August deadline supports conference-related activities during the fall semester and the December deadline supports those during the spring and summer terms.

A complete application includes a (i) completed DGS Travel Fund Application Form and (ii) a copy of the student’s curriculum vitae and should be submitted to the Department of Geological Sciences Fellowship and Scholarship Committee. View or download the DGS-TravelApplication.docx (83 downloads)  or DGS-TravelApplication.pdf (92 downloads)  version of the DGS Travel Fund Application.

Once awarded, the monetary amount will be posted directly to the student’s account. The student must submit a one-page report describing how the awarded funds have been used as well as a “proof receipt” to the DGS Fellowship and Scholarship Committee by the next (following) Fund deadline.

Submitted applications and questions concerning this scholarship should be directed to Dr. Stowell (hstowell@ua.edu).