Dr. Fred Andrus, Department Chair

Welcome to the Department of Geological Sciences at The University of Alabama. Please use this website to learn about our dynamic research and educational activities. We have outstanding programs in fields ranging from understanding fundamental Earth system processes to offering practical solutions to environmental and resource challenges the world now faces.

If you are a student seeking a major, come to us to learn about all aspects of the Earth, including energy, water, and the environment. You will find that geology is a fascinating topic that also provides a wealth of career opportunities.

If you are a prospective graduate student who wishes to conduct science, we have active research on all continents studying virtually every sub-field of geology, and interdisciplinary research is encouraged.

These pages will introduce you to our outstanding faculty and students, analytical facilities, courses of study, and current activities. Please visit, call, or email to learn more about the opportunities we offer. Now is an exciting time as we grow our respected hydrogeology program to collaborate with the NOAA’s National Water Center on campus; expand our analytical capabilities in radioisotopes, biogeochemistry, and geophysics; and pursue new energy research through the Center for Sedimentary Basin Studies.

Dr. Fred Andrus, Department Chair