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Seminar Speaker: Dr. WenZhan Song

24 March, 2017 @ 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

University of Georgia
College of Engineering

Title: Creating Subsurface Camera

The seismic imaging process today involves massive seismic data collection from hundreds and thousands of seismic sensors to a central place for post computing. The whole process is expensive and often takes days even months to complete. There is great demand for real-time as it would reduce the costs and risks of E&P and mitigate the environment concerns. This talk presents an innovative Real-time In-situ Seismic Imaging (RISI) system that computes and visualizes the 3D subsurface imaging in seconds. The RISI system is a mesh network that sense and process seismic signals, and compute 3D subsurface image in-situ in real-time. Instead of data collection then post processing, the mesh network performs the distributed data processing and inversion computing under the severe bandwidth and resource constraints, and generates an evolving 3D subsurface image as more events arrive. Several innovative distributed seismic imaging algorithms have been successfully developed and validated using both synthetic and real-world seismic data set. The hardware prototype system has also been implemented and can be extended as a general field instrumentation platform, to incorporate new geophysical subsurface imaging and computing algorithms, beyond seismic. It is the foundation toward the creation of subsurface cameras.

Dr. WenZhan Song is the Georgia Power Mickey A. Brown Professor of Engineering in the University of Georgia. Dr. Song’s research focus on cyber-physical systems and security and its application in energy, environment and health applications, where decentralized sensing, computing, communication and security play a critical role and need a transformative study. He has an outstanding record of leading large multidisciplinary research projects on those issues with multi-million grant support from NSF, NASA, USGS, and industry, and his research was featured in MIT Technology Review, Network World, Scientific America, New Scientist, National Geographic, etc. Dr. Song is a recipient of NSF CAREER Award (2010), Outstanding Research Contribution Award (2012) at GSU, Chancellor Research Excellence Award (2010) at WSU. Dr. Song serves many premium conferences and journals as editor, chair or TPC member. He is also an inaugural member of OpenFog consortium involving industry and academic leaders.


24 March, 2017
3:30 pm - 4:30 pm