Ashish Kumar

Graduate Student

  • BE 2090

Degree Program



Dr. Samantha Hansen


BS, Indian Institute of Technology, 2016

MS, Indian Institute of Technology, 2018

Research Interests

My research interests lie in using seismic source imaging techniques such as tomography to infer tectonic evolution of the crust and upper mantle structure.

Current Research Projects

Crustal and Upper Mantle Structure beneath Wilkes and Aurora Subglacial basins, East Antarctica from Full-Waveform Ambient Noise Tomography. It focuses on the devotement of three dimension shear -wave velocity model will be used to assess crustal and upper mantle features, ultimately aimed at resolving whether old rift systems exist within East Antarctica in relation to prominent subglacial basins.

Research Group

Dr. Hansen's Research Group


AAPG Student Chapter

Society Of Exploration of Geophysics