Carmen Atkins

Graduate Student

  • BE 2000

Degree Program



Dr. Marcello Minzoni

Primary Specialization

Sedimentary Geology


BS Mathematics, Fort Valley State University
BS Geophysics, The University of Texas at Austin

Courses Taught

GEO 101

Research Interests

Sedimentology-Siliciclastic-carbonate systems, outcrop-seismic comparisons, reservoir characterization, stratigraphy

Current Research Projects

My research is focused on understanding the controls carbonate factory type  and distribution in ramp settings in the Upper Jurassic Smackover Formation, Gulf of Mexico and Upper Cambrian Point Peak in Mason, Texas.

Research Group

The University of Alabama Laboratory for Integrated Carbonate Research (UALICR)

Research Group Members

Karena Gill, Souvik Bhattacharjee, Lucas Nibert


AAPG Student Chapter-President (2017-2018)