Lucas Nibert

Graduate Student

  • 304-767-4245
  • Bevill 2000A Cubicle C

Degree Program


Primary Specialization

Sedimentary Geology


BS, Geology, Fort Lewis College, 2016

Courses Taught

GEO 102, GEO 367

Research Interests

Cuba, located at the intersection of three major oceanographic bodies, provides a unique opportunity to study how differences in physiochemical ocean properties affect faunal assemblage, carbonate platform geometry, factory type, facies distribution, porosity, and permeability. My research utilizes a quantitative approach to study the processes that govern carbonate sedimentation today, and will apply this knowledge of a modern analogue to more effectively predict the properties of deposits from the past and accurately interpret paleoenvironmental conditions.

Current Research Projects

Cuba Project

Research Group

Center for Sedimentary Basin Studies, Minzoni Lab Group

Research Group Members

Dr. Marcello Minzoni
Dr. Rebecca Minzoni

Curriculum Vitae

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AAPG Student Chapter

Geology Club