Samuel Walker

Graduate Student

  • BE 2078

Degree Program



Dr. Ibrahim Cemen and Dr. Matthew Wielicki (co-advisors)

Primary Specialization



BS, The University of Alabama, 2018

Research Interests

I am interested in structural geology and tectonics, and their relevance to the “evolution” of land masses. Specifically, I am focusing my studies on the combination of structural geology and thermochronology (cooling histories of rocks or minerals) to learn about how regions evolve.

Current Research Projects

Thesis Title: Structural Evolution of the Mississippi Embayment: Thermochronometry of Igneous Dikes and Sills in East-Central Arkansas

Through thermochronometry, we are trying to understand how the Mississippi Embayment, a south-plunging trough that stretches from southern Illinois to Louisiana, evolved over time.

Our specific interests lie in an unconformity between Paleozoic and Cretaceous units. We are utilizing Ar-Ar and U-Th/He data from igneous dikes that cross-cut these units to constrain the timing of the Embayment’s extension, and how this extension contributed to the unconformity.

Samples have been collected from the Little Rock, AR area.


Sigma Gamma Epsilon (SGE)

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), Vice President