Somiddho Bosu

Graduate Student

  • Room 2112 Tom Bevill Energy, Mineral and Materials Science Research Building

Degree Program



Delores Robinson

Primary Specialization

geochemistry, structural geology/tectonics


B Sc Geology, Presidency College, Kolkata, 2009
M Sc Geology, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, 2011

MS Oceanography, Louisiana State University, 2014

Courses Taught

The Dynamic Earth Laboratory
Sedimentology and Stratigraphy Laboraory

Research Interests

My research involves a combination of field geology, structural mapping, petrography, thermochronology and isotopic analysis to understand the evolution of the Himalayan orogeny. The broad objective of my dissertation is to propose a model to interpret the mechanism of crustal shortening in the Himalayan orogeny. I break down the broad objective into yearlong projects, which involve visiting the field area in the Himalayas followed by required lab work (see Current Research Projects for detail).

Current Research Projects

6 5 4 3 2 1Uttarakhand, India- Mechanism of faulting in the North Almora Thrust. The first field work was done in the summer of 2015. Methods in use are- structural geology, U-Pb thermochronology of zircon grains and microstructure analysis for strain and shear sense determination.

Northern Himachal Pradesh, India- This high altitude terrain has magnificent exposures of the structurally deformed Tethyan sediments. Ample scope of basic structural mapping and thermochronology is still left in this terrain. Reconnaissance field work was done in the summer of 2015. Currently I am pursuing detailed planning of future research and fund collection.

Research Group

Structural Geology and Tectonics

Research Group Members

Caleb Essex, Gourab Bhattacharya, Lee Drago, Lexie Taggart, Liz Olree


Student member, Structural geology and tectonics division, Geological Society of America.

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Graduate Student Representative at the Department of Geological Sciences.