Travis Sizemore

Graduate Student

  • Bevill 2078

Degree Program



Dr. Ibrahim Çemen and Dr. Matthew Wielicki (Co-advisors)

Primary Specialization

structural geology/tectonics

Research Interests

Tectonics, Geochronology, Thermochonology

Current Research Projects

For my thesis research, I am attempting to advance our understanding of the tectonic history of Death Valley, California, which is an area of high-magnitude crustal extension. Using multimethod thermochronology and exhumation modeling, I will test several interpretations for the style and timing of brittle deformation that has occurred in the past 30 Ma. The results of this study will be directly beneficial to other researchers studying crustal processes, Death Valley geological history, and regional modeling. In a more indirect sense, the results may also benefit seismic research in California and be included in interpretive material at Death Valley National Park.