Yihuai Lou

Graduate Student

  • ylou6@crimson.ua.edu

Degree Program



Dr. Bo Zhang

Primary Specialization



BS, China University of Petroleum, 2016
BS, Missouri University of Science and Technology, 2016

Courses Taught

Geo 101

Research Interests

Seismic attribute interpretation

Pattern recognition

Seismic data processing

Representative Publications

  1. 1. Lou, Y., B. Zhang, R. Wang, T. Lin, and D. Cao, 2019, Seismic Fault Attribute Estimation Using a

Local Fault Model: Geophysics, 84, 4, O73-O80.

  1. Lou, Y., B. Zhang, T. Lin, N. Liu, H. Wu, R. Liu, and D. Cao, 2019, Accurate seismic dip and

azimuth estimation using multi-window scanning of structure-tensor: Geophysics, 84, 5, 1-54.

  1. Lou, Y., B. Zhang, T. Lin, and D. Cao, 2019, Seismic horizon picking by integrating reflector’s dip and instantaneous phase attributes: Geophysics (Accepted).


SEG member