Adrian Wiggins

Adrian Wiggins



  • BS, Chemical Engineering, The University of Alabama, 2020
  • BS, Geology, The University of Alabama, 2020

Research Interests

My major research interests are a) geothermal energy in extended terrains and b) sedimentary basin analysis for the purpose of geothermal power generation.   The purpose of my research is to understand areas of high crustal heat flow so I may apply this knowledge to future geothermal exploration and development.

Current research Projects

I am conducting a literature review on geothermal energy in extended terrains, which compares the geological and physical settings of Iceland, the Basin and Range Province (USA), and Western Anatolia (Turkey).

For my master’s thesis, I am investigating geothermal energy in Western Anatolia, Turkey.    Using a combination of physics, chemistry, mathematics, and computer science, I seek to understand anomalies in the geothermal gradient within this region.


SGE (Sigma Gamma Epsilon) Alpha Chi Chapter, President