Shuo Chen

Shuo Chen





  • Geochemistry
  • Hydrology


Research Group

Dr. Yuehan Lu’s Research Group

Research Interests

My study interest is to evaluate the effects of human activities (e.g., land use) and extreme climate and weather events on watershed biogeochemistry, especially focusing on the quality and quantity of dissolved organic matter (DOM) and nutrients in stream water.

Current Research Projects

  1. The longitudinal, upstream-downstream transformations influence on chemical elements and species from small streams to large rivers by using observational (human-collected) and instrumental (high-resolution) data from National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON).
  2. The impacts of Agricultural land use on the export of DOM and nutrients in the southeastern USA


GSA (Geological Society of America) member


Sankar, M.S., Dash, P., Lu, Y., Mercer, A.E., Turnage, G., Shoemaker, C.M., Chen, S., Moorhead, R.J. (2020). Land use and land cover control on the spatial variation of dissolved organic matter across 41 lakes in Mississippi, USA. Hydrobiologia, 847(4), pp.1159-1176. (IF = 2.385)

Chen, S., Lu, Y., Dash, P., Das, P., Li, J., Capps, K., Majidzadeh, H., Elliott, M. (2019). Hurricane pulses: small watershed exports of dissolved nutrients and organic matter during large storms in the Southeastern USA. Science of The Total Environment, 689, pp.232-244 (IF = 6.551)

Sankar, M S., Dash, P., Sigh, S., Lu, Y., Mercer, A., Chen, S. (2019). Effect of Photo-biodegradation and Biodegradation on the Biogeochemical Cycling of Dissolved Organic Matter Across Diverse Surface Water Bodies, Journal of Environmental Sciences (IF = 4.302)

Liu, C., Gao, C., Zhang, H., Chen, S., Deng, P., Yue, X. A., Guo, X. (2014). Production of dimethylsulfide and acrylic acid from dimethylsulfoniopropionate during growth of three marine microalgae. Chinese journal of oceanology and limnology, 32(6), 1270-1279 (IF = 1.068)

Education: Undergraduate

B.Sc., Ocean University of China, 2014

Courses taught

GEO 103, GEO 105