Geoff Tick

Geoffrey R. Tick



  • PhD, Hydrology and Water Resources, University of Arizona, 2003
    Emphasis: Contaminant Transport and Remediation
    Minor: Soil, Water, and Environmental Science
  • BS, Geology, Environmental Studies; Chemistry Minor, San Jose State University, 1996

Research Areas

  • Hydrogeology, Contaminant Fate and Transport, and Hydrology
  • Environmental Geochemistry, Biogeochemistry and Hydrochemistry


Research Interests

  • Investigation of contaminant transport in soil and groundwater systems.
  • Understanding the processes that influence transport of contaminants in porous media.
  • Impact of immiscible liquid sources on chemical transport in soil and groundwater systems.
  • Innovative technologies for the remediation of organic contaminants in the subsurface.
  • Enhanced-solubilization agents to improve the remediation of organic pollutants in groundwater.
  • Petroleum mobilization and recovery processes.
  • Laboratory, field, and theoretical investigations of contaminant transport in porous media.
  • Methods to characterize subsurface heterogeneity and subsurface contamination

Research Group

Contaminant Transport

Courses Taught

  • GEO 101: The Dynamic Earth
  • GEO 306: Hydrogeology
  • GEO 410/510: Soil and Groundwater Restoration
  • GEO 411/511: Contaminant Transport in Porous Media
  • GEO 525: Water Resource Management

Selected Publications


  • 2022  Johnson, G.R., Brusseau, M.L., Carroll, K.C., Tick, G.R., and Duncan, C.M. Global distributions, source-type dependencies, and concentration ranges ofper- and polyfluoroalkyl substances in groundwater. Science of the Total Environment, 841, 156602, 1-12.
  • 2022 Tick, G.R., Slavic, D.R., Akyol, N.H., Zhang, Y. Enhanced-solubilization and dissolution of multicomponent DNAPL from homogeneous porous media. J. Contam. Hydrol., 247, 103967, 1-14,
  • 2022  Zhou, J., Bao, W., Tick G.R., Moftakhari, H., Cao, Q., and Ye, F. A weighting function model for unsteady open channel friction. Journal of Hydraulic Research,
  • 2021  Zhou, J., Bao, W., Tick G.R., Moftakhari, Li, Y. and Cheng, L. A modified Chezy formula for one dimensional unsteady frictional resistance in open channel flow. Journal of Fluids Engineering, Vol. 143(5), 051303, 1-10.
  • 2021  Wu, C., Zhang, X., Wang, W., Lu, C., Zhang, Y., Qin, W., Tick, G.R., Liu, B., Shu, L. Groundwater level modeling framework by combining the wavelet transform with a long short-term memory data-driven model. Science of the Total Environment, 783, 146948, 1-16,
  • 2020  Yin, M., Ma, R., Zhang, Y., Wei, S., Tick, G.R., Wang, J., Sun, Z., Sun, H-G., Zheng, C., A distributed-order time fractional derivative model for simulating bimodal sub-diffusion in heterogeneous media. Journal of Hydrology, 591, 125504, 1-11,
  • 2020  Zhang, Y., Yu, X., Sun, H-G., Tick, G.R., Wei, W., Jin, B. Applicability of time fractional derivative models for simulating the dynamics and mitigation scenarios of COVID-19. Chaos, Solitons and Fractals, 138, 109959.
  • 2020  Yin, M., Zhang, Y., Rui Ma, R., Tick, G.R., Bianchi, M., Zheng, C. Wei, W., Wei, S., Liu, X. Super-diffusion affected by hydrofacies mean length and source geometry in alluvial settings. Journal of Hydrology, 582, 124515.
  • 2020 Tick, G.R. Oil Blob Imagery for Assessing Surfactant-Enhanced Aquifer Remediation. Argonne National Laboratory, APS Science, ANL-19/27 Vol.2 • SSN 1931-5007 • June 2020.
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  • 2020  Lu, B., Liu, X., Dong, P., Tick, G.R., Zheng, C., Zhang, Y., Mahmood-Ul-Hassan, M., Bai, H., Zheng, C., and Lamy, E. Quantifying fate and transport of nitrate in saturated soil systems using fractional-derivative model. Applied Mathematical Modelling, 81, 279-295.
  • 2019 Tick, G.R. Remediation strategies for nonaqueous phase liquid (NAPL) contaminant sources in groundwater: Innovations and challenges. Hydrolink – International Association of Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR) (published),
  • 2019 Ellis, J.H., Dimova, N.T., Tick, G.R., Zheng, C. Evaluation of Groundwater: A Coupled Numerical Model and 222Rn Method. Hydrogeology Journal, (In-Review).
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  • 2019 Milavec, J., Tick G.R., Brusseau, M.L., and Carroll, K.C. 1,4-Dioxane cosolvency impacts on trichloroethene dissolution and sorption. Environmental Pollution, 252, Part A, 777-783,
  • 2019 Ghosh, J., Tick, G.R., Akyol, N.H., Zhang, Y. A pore-scale investigation of heavy crude oil trapping and removal during surfactant-enhanced remediation. J. Contam. Hydrol., 223 (103471), 1-15,
  • 2019  Dawley, S., Zhang, Y., Liu, X., Jiang, P., Tick, G.R., Sun, H-G., Zheng, C., and Chen, L. Statistical Analysis of Extreme Events in Precipitation, Stream Discharge, and Groundwater Head Fluctuation: Distribution, Memory, and Correlation, Water, 11, 707,
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