Man Lu

Man Lu



  • Ph.D., Geology, University of Alabama, 2020
  • M.S., Geology, University of Alabama, 2015
  • B.S., Geological Engineering, China University of Petroleum, 2012

Research Areas

  • Geochemistry
  • Paleontology


Research Interests: in Geochemistry + Paleontology

A. Topics: paleoenvironments (marine and atmospheric interaction), biochemistry, life diversity and extinctions, sedimentology, stratigraphy

B. Tools: molecular biomarkers, stable isotopes, statistical analysis (R, MATLAB and SPSS), SEM, organic petrography, palynology, trace metal, XRF and XRD

Research Group: Dr Yuehan Lu’s research group: Molecular Eco-Geochemistry Laboratory

Ph.D. Dissertation: 2020: “The Earliest Forest and Associated Wildfires Linked to Marine Anoxia and Mass Extinctions during the Late Devonian: Geochemical and Paleontological Evidence”; dissertation adviser: YueHan Lu; at the Department of Geological Sciences, The University of Alabama.

M.S. Thesis: 2015: “Sedimentological and Geochemical Records of Depositional Environments of the Late Devonian Chattanooga Shale”; thesis adviser: YueHan Lu; at the Department of Geological Sciences, The University of Alabama.

Teaching (TA):  Teaching assistant for Introduction to the dynamic earth GEO 101 lab at University of Alabama (Fall 2015–Fall 2019)

Media coverage:

“Troublesome Trees: Spread of Forests Contributed to Ancient Extinction”, Phys. org, June 19, 2019,,

“The birth of forests helped drive two massive, ancient extinctions”, ZME Science, June 20, 2019,

“Earth’s position and orbit spurred ancient marine life extinction”,, March 5, 2021,

“The Dawn of the Forests Brought Waves of Death to the Oceans”, Inside Science, April 1, 2021,,7BB3C,1783JR,TO2ZY,1

“Earliest forest fires evidence of ancient tree expansion”,, May 12, 2021,

Selected Publications

Lu, M., Lu, Y.H, Ikejiri, T., Hogancamp, N., Sun, Y., Wu, Q., Carroll, R., Çemen, I. and Pashin, J., 2019. Geochemical Evidence of First Forestation in the Southernmost Euramerica from Upper Devonian (Famennian) Black Shales. Scientific Reports, 9(1), p.7581. doi:10.1038/s41598-019-43993-y. (this work is selected by editors for being featured in AGU research spotlight and reported in Phys. org and ZME Science)

Lu, M., Lu, Y.H., Ikejiri, T., Sun, D., Carroll, R., Blair, E., Algeo. T. and Sun, Y., 2021. Periodic Oceanic Euxinia and Terrestrial Organic Matter Inputs Linked to Astronomical Forcing during the Frasnian–Famennian Mass Extinction, Earth and Planetary Letters, 562, 116839. (this work is reported in Phys. org and Inside Science)

Lu, M., Lu, Y.H., and Ikejiri, T., 2021. A synthesis of the Devonian wildfire record: Implications for paleogeography, fossil flora, and paleoclimate. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, Special Issue of “the Gaia Files: Co-Evolution of Land Plants and Climate at Geological Time Scales” (organized by Thomas Algeo et al.). 571, 110321, (this work is reported in Phys. org)

Lu, M., Lu, Y.H., Carroll, R., Sun, Y., and Ikejiri, T., Paleowildfire records reveal possible mechanisms of the termination of the Late Devonian Upper Kellwasser marine anoxia, submitting to Global and Planetary Change.

Liu, N., Qiu, N., Lu, M. (corresponding author), Tian J., Wang, Y., Li, Z., Cai, C., Gao, T. and Mao, C., Geochemical Characteristics and Source of Natural Gases in the Northern Jizhong Subbasin, Bohai Bay Basin, Eastern China. Under review at Marine and Petroleum Geology.

Zhang, Y., Wen, X., Zhou, D., Wang, W., Lu, M. and Fang, H. Inversion of reservoir fluid mobility from the frequency-dependent seismic data-a case study of gas-bearing reservoirs. Interpretation, 9, 1F-Y1,

Sun, P., Fang, H., Xu, Z., Wang, C., Xu, H., Lu, M. Siliciclastic depositional model within a subsurface coastal parasequence based on barriers and baffles – An application to the Donghe Sandstone Member in the Hudson Oilfield, Tarim Basin, NW China. Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, 195, 107947

Fang, H., Lou, Y., Zhang, B., Xu, H., and Lu, M., Mimicking the process of manual sequence stratigraphy well correlation. Interpretation, 0, 1-65

Yu, Y., Peng, W., Shi, S., Sun, H., Lu, M., Robinson, D. and Lu, Y.H., Geochemical characterizations of source and depositional environment of hydrocarbons in the Lake Albert Rift Basin. Under review at Journal of African Earth Sciences.