Harold Stowell


  • hstowell@ua.edu
  • (205) 348-5098
  • 2039 Bevill


BS in Geology, Florida State University, 1978

MS in Geology, University of South Carolina, 1981

PhD, Princeton University, 1987



Research Interests


Magmatic Arc processes and the Growth of Continents
Partial Melting and Evolution of the Mid- to Lower-Crust in Orogenic Belts
Nucleation and Growth of Porphyroblasts in Metamorphic Rocks
Duration and Rates of Tectonic and Metamorphic Processes
Pressure-Temperature-Time Paths for Metamorphism
Phase Diagrams for Metamorphic Rocks
Garnet Sm-Nd Geochronology

Research Tools
Mass Spectrometry: VG Sector 54 – Garnet Sm-Nd, Zircon U-Pb
Electron Probe Microanalysis: JEOL 8600
X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry: PW 2400
Phase Diagram Sections & Thermodynamic Datasets

Research Group

Tectonics, Radiogenic Isotopes: RadIs

Research Group Members

Elizabeth Bollen

James Yelverton