Congratulations to Jim!

As we welcomed new graduate students, and welcomed back current students during our Fall 2021 Graduate Student Orientation Lunch on Tuesday, a surprise award ceremony took place!

Mr. James (Jim) Donahoe, a Research Specialist in the DGS, was awarded with the Vergil Parks McKinley, Sr. Employee award by the Human Resources Department at UA.

—-Jim Donahoe, Vergil Parks McKinley Sr. Award Recipient—-

For over 37 years, Jim has been a valuable member of our department – providing support, brainstorming solutions for problems posed by faculty, staff and students alike, fixing instrumentation, teaching hands-on career skills and working on projects for the DGS.

Jim is truly a “Jim of all trades” with knowledge of experimental instrumentation, computer networks, purchasing, and instrument design. Interacting with undergraduates, graduate students, staff and faculty on a daily basis, he is an important member of our department and is part of the glue that holds it together! Moreover, Jim is innovative with materials that are at hand, saving students, faculty, the DGS and the University valuable time and funds.

Congratulations to Jim!

For more information about the prizes at the university, please visit the HR awards website.