Congratulations to Jim!

As we welcomed new graduate students, and welcomed back current students during our Fall 2021 Graduate Student Orientation Lunch on Tuesday, a surprise award ceremony took place! Mr. James (Jim) Donahoe, a Research Specialist in the DGS, was awarded with the Vergil Parks McKinley, Sr. Employee award by the Human Resources Department at UA. For

Undergraduate Research Assistant Position

A student position funded through the Geological Survey of Alabama is available for an undergraduate research assistant to work in Dr. Donahoe’s labs this summer and potentially during the 2021-22 academic year. You must be classified as a Junior or Senior (i.e., have 61 or more earned credit hours, including transfer and AP credit). The

Devonian Wildfires Investigated to Reveal Evidence of Tree Evolution

Research performed by Geological Sciences postdoctoral researcher Man Lu, along with her advisors Associate Professor Dr. Yuehan Lu (Geological Sciences, UA) and Research Associate Dr. Takehito Ikejiri (Alabama Museum of Natural History) was profiled in the UA news and recently published in Palaeo3! According to the findings, the Earth’s first forest fires appear to have

Dr. Cartwright interviewed for Q&A with A&S

As part of the College of Arts & Sciences Q&A series, Dr. Julia Cartwright was recently interviewed by  Franklin Kennamer about her research and her path to becoming a Planetary Scientist! The interview can be seen here.

Drinking Habits of Mosasaurs – in the news!

Assistant Professor Dr. Rebecca Totten Minzoni and recent Masters graduate Leah Travis Taylor received some news coverage on their recently published paper entitled “Oxygen isotopes from the teeth of Cretaceous marine lizards reveal their migration and consumption of freshwater in the Western Interior Seaway, North America” in Paleo3. In the paper, they combined Leah’s Masters

Thwaites Glacier Research Highlighted in BBC Article

Recently published research led by Dr. K Hogan (BAS) and co-authored by UA’s Dr. R. Totten Minzoni and graduate student V. Fitzgerald about Thwaites Glacier, Antarctica highlighted by the BBC. For the BBC news article, follow this link:

COVID-19 paper published by Dr. Yong Zhang and Dr. Geoff Tick

Dr. Yong Zhang has published a paper in the journal Chaos, Solitons and Fractals: the interdisciplinary journal of Nonlinear Science, and Nonequilibrium and Complex Phenomena called: Applicability of time fractional derivative models for simulating the dynamics and mitigation scenarios of COVID-19   Read about it on the UA News website: The paper can be


We in the Department of Geological Sciences are horrified by the recent killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor, and all those who suffered such violence before them. We condemn any message or act of hate. We stand with our Black colleagues and students, and stand against racism. Our goal is to foster

Passing of Dr. Jen Ho Fang

The department mourns the loss of Jen Ho Fang. Dr. Fang was a respected faculty member and long-serving department chair. He helped usher the department into a more research-intensive way of operation.  While he retired some time ago, he frequently visited campus and stayed in touch with us throughout the years. He made a huge