Thwaite’s Glacier Research in the News!

Dr. Becky Totten is one of a team of scientists studying Thwaite’s Glacier in Antarctica, and monitoring its retreat. Their work was recently published in Nature Geoscience, with the lead

Wiley Top-cited paper for co-author Dr. Lu!

One of Dr. Yuehan Lu’s co-authored papers has been recognized as a Wiley top cited paper for the 2020-2021 academic year! Liu et al. (2020), Different carboxyl-rich alicyclic molecules proxy

MSA Distinguished Lecturer Program – Arya Udry Seminar

Friday 15th April, 2022 We were absolutely thrilled to have Dr. Arya Udry, Associate Professor, Department of Geoscience, University of Nevada-Las Vegas, give the seminar on Friday 15th April. Dr.

Dr. Cartwright Interviewed by Zeiss Microscopy

Dr. Cartwright was recently interviewed by Zeiss Microscopy, following submission of some of her research images to the annual Microscopy Image Contest, 2021. She talks about her research with the