Alumni & Friends


Bevill BuildingThank you for your interest in the Department of Geological Sciences. The generous support and continued involvement of our alumni and friends allows us to sustain a high level of quality in our teaching and research.

Charitable gifts support several key initiatives of the department:

  • Scholarships for our outstanding students
  • Sponsorship of students and faculty members for field trips and conferences (e.g., travel and registration costs)
  • Support for the activities of our student organizations

We hope to grow our program and increase financial assistance to students over the next several years — and to do that, we need continued (and increased) involvement from our alumni and friends.

Please consider making a gift to the Department of Geological Sciences today.

How to Give

Giving is quick, easy, and secure:

Open the University’s online giving page.

In the “Find your fund” search box, you can locate the general Geology Gift Fund to help us fund our most urgent needs.

Or you can search for one of our specific funds, including

  • Doug E. Jones/Geological Sciences Advisory Board Fund (scholarship)
  • Tom Joiner/Geological Sciences Advisory Board Fund (scholarship)
  • Jen Ho Fang Fund (scholarship)
  • Walter B. Jones Fund (scholarship)
  • W. Gary Hooks/Geological Sciences Advisory Board Fund (scholarship)
  • Geology Endowment
  • A.S. Johnson Fund (student travel)
  • W. Gary Hooks Endowed Fund (student research)
  • Richard H. Groshong Fund (field trips)
  • Harold H. Stowell Fund (Field Course)
  • P. E. LaMoreaux Fund (international students)
  • Walter C. Johnson Fund (field-based learning)
  • Walter B. Jones Fund (geological research in Alabama)
  • Nathan L. Green Fund (petrology research)

Complete the remainder of the form, and then submit your information. You’ll be directed to the payment page. There is also an option to share your gift on social media.


If you have any questions or would like to discuss other giving opportunities, please call or email Fred Andrus, department chair, (205) 348-5177,