Products & Software

Faculty, Staff and Students within the DGS use many different types of software in their data handling, and some faculty also publish software for open access. This page serves as a location to help highlight those materials that are products of research, and are available for public access. Additionally, we also highlight here instances where software packages have been donated for use within our department.


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  • GPRPy Ground Penetrating Radar Data & Visualization Software.

    GPRPy is a freely-available open-source Ground Penetrating Radar processing and visualization software created by Dr. Alain Plattner. The development of this software was initially supported by NSF grant number EAR-1550732. GPRPy is being used by research groups around the world. Download and installation instructions are available here.

Software Donation:

  • MOVE Structural Modelling Software Suite.

    Current research in the Tectonics Lab is being supported by a generous donation of 10 licenses of the MOVE suite of software from Petroleum Experts Ltd., valued at $2,764,444.18. (Updated Jan. 2023)

MOVE is a kinematic modelling software package that allows users to reassemble stratigraphy to its undeformed state, or sequentially deform strata to illustrate how faults and folds develop through time.  The MOVE suite provides a host of tools to build, balance, restore, and analyze cross-sections at local and regional scales, as well as build 3D models linking surface and subsurface geology and fault geometries. Additionally, the suite has modules that facilitate isostatic, fracture, stress, and fault response modelling and analyses. 

Professor Delores Robinson and her group use MOVE to create sequentially forward modelled cross-sections of orogen scale foldthrust belts in the Himalaya to explore the relationships between the geometry of faults, their rate of motion, and the cooling history of the rocks as expressed by mineral cooling ages. 

The University of Alabama and Department of Geological Sciences are appreciative of Petroleum Experts for providing the MOVE software suite!