GEO 10X-Level Course Information

Whether you’re interested in pursuing courses in Earth Sciences, just browsing our website, or looking to take “that” Natural Science Course to complete your Gen-Ed requirements at UA, our department offers five directed GEO 100-level courses that span the broad and interesting range of topics covered by the umbrella of Earth Sciences.

All of these courses are 4 credit hours, with both a lecture and a lab component, and some quick overviews are provided below.

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GEO 101: The Dynamic Earth

A study of the Earth including materials, internal and external processes, deformation events, and plate tectonics.

This course if offered in the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.

The Planet Earth
The Dynamic Earth

GEO 102: The Earth Through Time

A survey of Earth’s history, including the origin of the Earth, plate tectonics, evolution of the continents and ocean basins, and the development of life.

This course is offered in the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.

Trilobites within a sedimentary rock.
The Earth Through Time

GEO 103: Introduction to Oceanography

An introductory study of the Earth-Ocean system, including: processes shaping the ocean floor and coastlines; basic physical and chemical properties of seawater; ocean circulation and climate change; and biological productivity and marine life.

This course is offered in the Spring semester.

A scientist collecting water samples in shallows near an ice sheet and ice bergs
Introduction to Oceanography

GEO 104: Hazardous Earth

This course examines geologic and other Earth hazards that impact humans, and the ways that human activities often increase these hazards. As well as a lecture and lab component, this course also includes fieldtrips and video studies that illustrate various natural hazards.

This course is offered in the Fall semester.

Volcanic eruption of a strato-volcano with lava running down the side, with urban settlements seen in the background.
Hazardous Earth

GEO 105: Sustainable Earth

This course provides an understanding of important Earth resources (rocks and minerals, soil, water, fuels, alternate energy), and how their utilization by humans impacts the environment. The course includes discussion of water pollution, air pollution and waste disposal as primary issues related to resource utilization.

This course is offered in the Fall and Spring semesters.

An artistic impression of two out-stretched hands, one cupping the Earth.
Sustainable Earth