Undergraduate Student Advising Q/A:

  • How do I find out who my major advisor is?

You can find your major advisor in DegreeWorks. Your major advisor’s name is listed in the table at the top of the page by the heading “Advisor”. Each undergraduate student will be assigned a major advisor at the beginning of the academic year. For any further questions, you can contact the DGS undergraduate director, Dr. Yong Zhang.

  • How do I contact or make an appointment with my advisor?

Please contact your advisor to make an appointment. Their contact information (such as email address, office number, and office phone number) is listed in the Department Directory.

  • When does advising take place?

Advising takes place usually midway through the semester for the following semester. For example, advising for the Spring takes place mid October to mid November the previous term. Advising for the Fall usually takes place late March through April the previous term. The exact dates can be found on the UA Academic Calendar. If you need further advising at other times, feel free to reach out to your major advisor.

Career & Graduate School:


College of Arts and Sciences:

Academic Support:

  • Writing Center: A great resource to help students at any level improve their writing.
  • Disability Services: This office can assist with a wide range of academic accommodations
  • The Speaking Studio: Assists in improving public speaking, presentation, and oral communication
  • The Career Center: Providing a range of services to students at all levels to help launch your career

Community and Wellness Support: