Art/Science collaboration yields Art Exhibition inspired by meteorites!

Dr. Julia Cartwright, assistant professor in our department, has been collaborating with award-winning visual artist Rebecca Rutstein in research to enhance our knowledge of meteorites and to engage and educate the public in Planetary Sciences.

Their first artistic output has been an exhibition entitled “Out of Thin Air: Microscopic Journeys Through Cosmic Landscapes”, which features 16 paintings by Rebecca Rutstein, inspired by research with Dr. Cartwright.

Rebecca Rutstein – Out of thin air: Microscopic Journeys through Cosmic Landscapes

The exhibition opened at the Sarah Moody Gallery, UA, on September 8th, closing on October 14th, 2022.

The exhibit will move to the Space Gallery, Denver Colorado, opening on November 18th, through to December 31st, 2022.

Press releases: CARI release  &  SMG release

Sarah Moody Gallery space with 8 of the 16 paintings on display featured.
Out of Thin Air installed within the Sarah Moody Gallery, UA.
Julia and Rebecca photographed in front of one of Rebecca's paintings.
Dr. Julia Cartwright (L) and Rebecca Rutstein (R) at the Sarah Moody Gallery, UA.
Guest view the artwork from the exhibition.
Opening night of the Out of Thin Air exhibition, Sarah Moody Gallery, UA