Dr. Cartwright interviewed about the Sylacauga Meteorite on the History Channel Podcast!

Dr. Cartwright, who specialises in the analysis of meteorites, was interviewed as part of the History Channel Podcast History This Week – “A Meteorite Hits Ann Hodges”.

This episode aired in time for the anniversary of a meteorite fall that occurred on 30th November, 1954, when a meteoroid was falling to Earth over Alabama. The large rock came through the roof of a house in Sylacauga, Alabama, hit an upright radio, ricocheted across the room, and collided with Mrs. Ann Hodges, who was having a nap on the sofa. To our knowledge, this is the only documented event in which a meteorite hit a person.

In the podcast, the history of the Syalcauga meteorite, and Mrs. Hodges is revealed, through interviews and a narrative to those close to the story.

You can listen to this Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Stitcher.

More information can be found on Dr. Cartwright’s research website, and on a UA News announcement.

Dr. Cartwright in the lab, holding the Sylacauga Meteorite.
Dr. Cartwright holding the Sylacauga meteorite.