Stanislaw Kurowski

Stanislaw Kurowski





  • Geochemistry
  • Marine Chemistry
  • Biochemistry


Research Group: Coastal Hydrogeology and Hydrology

Research Interests: Geochemistry, Marine Chemistry; Biogeochemistry

I am interested in geochemical processes of complex environments, such as estuaries and wetlands. In my previous research, I investigated the carbon cycle in the Southern Baltic Sea and the metal content (Fe, Zn, Ni) of methane-bearing or brackish sediments using chemical, physical and crystallographic methods. During research, I enjoy fieldwork, sampling, and being on a ship the most.

Education: Undergraduate: BS, The University of Gdansk (Poland) and The University of La Laguna (Spain), 2019

Education: Master’s: MS, The University of Gdansk and The University of Split (Croatia) 2022

Courses taught: Introduction to Oceanography (GEO 103)


06.05.2022 | Cadiz
VI Student Symposium of the Faculty of Marine and Environmental Sciences

14.01.2021| Gdynia
IX Conference of aerosols and gases in the atmosphere