Undergraduate Studies

Why Study Geological Sciences?

As a geology major, you’ll take exciting and challenging courses that range from the geologic history of the Earth to paleontology and volcanology. Classes often include field trips, which allow for hands-on experiences and time outdoors.

Stephanie White, Geological Sciences Major
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Lauren Parker
Studying geology opens your mind to how everything on Earth is connected, from the past to the future, making you a more conscious citizen of our planet. Read More
Jameikia Durrough-Pritchard
Geology has improved my capabilities as a student, matured me as a person, and presented me with many opportunities I never knew I could achieve. Read More
Sam Walker
The places I’ve been and the people I’ve met are definitely my favorite parts of studying geology. Not many other careers let you travel the world and study Earth’s gorgeous features. Read More
Stephanie White
The realm of geology has so much to offer with respect to careers, and my experience as a geology major at Alabama has left me feeling prepared for anything. Read More