Undergraduate Recruitment Seminar

Biology 127

Learn about exciting research and opportunities within the Department of Geological Sciences. Dr. Nearing - "Computer Modeling for Hydrology and Water Resources" Dr. Genareau - "From the Earth to the Atmosphere" Drs. Cartwright and Plattner - "Geology in space: Exploring other planets, moons, and asteroids" Denise Hills - "Geoscience opportunities beyond academia" Hosted by Dr.

Seminar Speakers: Dr. Hansen, Dr. Stowell, Dr. Tobin, Dr. Becky Minzoni and Dr. Robinson

Biology 127

Dr. Sam Hansen "The Alaska Amphibious Community Seismic Experiment" Dr. Harold Stowell "A week in the life of a Geologist" Dr. Tom Tobin "The record of the End Cretaceous Mass Extinction from Antarctica" Dr. Becky Minzoni "Antarctic cruise and Thwaites Glacier research" Dr. Delores Robinson "Explorations in Geology"