Seismology Professor Dr. Hansen sheds light on the Earth’s interior in new Science Advances Paper

Dr. Samantha Hansen, the George Lindahl III Endowed Professor, is the lead author on a new Science Advances Paper entitled “Globally distributed subducted materials along the Earth’s core-mantle boundary: Implications for ultralow velocity zones“. Working with colleagues at ASU and the University of Leeds, Dr. Hansen has found evidence for ultralow velocity zones at the Earth’s core-mantle boundary, which likely represent former ocean floor materials that have been subducted. This is the first time such extensive evidence has been seen for this phenomena, and these findings have implications related to heat transfer, as well as magmatic systems on the surface.

Congratulations Dr. Hansen!

This work has been covered in a UA press release, which can be seen here.

The published Science Advances journal article can be seen here.