Owen Meeks

Owen Meeks





Research Group: University of Alabama Metamorphic Studies

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Research Interests: My primary interests are metamorphic petrology, geochronology, economic geology, and tectonics. My MS work will concentrate on delineating the spatial distribution of graphite in the Mitchell Dam NW Quadrangle and understanding the metamorphic and possibly igneous processes that concentrated graphite deposits in the Alabama graphite belt. This project will include determining the timing of metamorphism in the Alabama graphite belt. In the future, I hope to expand this research in order to evaluate the temporal variance of garnet growth across the geologic Blue Ridge.

Current Research Projects: Analyzing petrologic textures of graphitic schist in NW Mitchell Dam Quadrangle and collecting Sm/Nd data from garnet bearing samples

Affiliation: GSA member

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Education: Undergraduate: B.S. Geological Science, University of Florida, 2022