Harold Stowell

Harold Stowell



  • PhD, Geology, Princeton University, 1987
  • MS, Geology, University of South Carolina, 1981
  • BS, Geology, Florida State University, 1978

Research Areas

  • Tectonics and Structural Geology
  • High-Temperature Geochemistry, Petrology, and Geochronology


Research Interests

  • Magmatic Arc processes and the Growth of Continents
  • Partial Melting and Evolution of the Mid- to Lower-Crust in Orogenic Belts
  • Nucleation and Growth of Porphyroblasts in Metamorphic Rocks
  • Duration and Rates of Tectonic and Metamorphic Processes
  • Pressure-Temperature-Time Paths for Metamorphism
  • Phase Diagrams for Metamorphic Rocks
  • Garnet Sm-Nd Geochronology

Research Tools

  • Mass Spectrometry: VG Sector 54 – Garnet Sm-Nd, Zircon U-Pb
  • Electron Probe Microanalysis: JEOL 8600
  • X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry: PW 2400
  • Phase Diagram Sections & Thermodynamic Datasets