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Hydrogeology, hydrology, and hydrometeorology are multidisciplinary fields that investigate water quality and water quantity impacts across different and combined portions of the hydrologic cycle.


  • understanding energy and water flux across the land surface and exchanges to the atmosphere, surface water, and groundwater
  • water movement and water resource impacts on streams and groundwater due to both temporal scarcity (drought) and abundance (flooding) as well as other climate factor impacts
  • ecological impacts due to anthropogenic and natural inputs in the environment; changes in water quality and ecological health across transitions from freshwater to coastal waters and coastal embayments
  • transport and fate of contaminants in groundwater, surface water, and vadose zone
  • development/application of novel remediation for contaminated water (surface water and groundwater) systems
  • he development of novel mathematical models for surface-water, groundwater, unsaturated flow and contaminant fate transport to improve our mechanistic understanding of such processes

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Name Job Title Email
Yong Zhang Professor
Undergraduate Program Director
Yuehan Lu Associate Professor
Rona Donahoe Professor
Natasha T. Dimova Associate Professor