Dr. Mahatsente published new work

A new publication in Lithosphere(2015),7(5):503 by Mahatsente et al. is revisiting the problem of the relative importance and contribution of the ridge-push force (RPF) in assisting plate motion and controlling

Stable isotope research featured in Forbes

A publication co-authored by Dr. Fred Andrus was the subject of a piece in Forbes. The paper, published in Journal of Archaeological Sciences: Reports, describes experiments focused on how ancient

UA GeoAPT laboratory launches new website

The UA GeoAPT laboratory has launched today its new website: The UA GeoAPT laboratory seeks to develop the atom probe tomography (APT) technique for improving the geochemical characterization of

Natasha Dimova co-authored PNAS paper

Dr. Adina Paytan, a research scientist at the University of California, Santa Cruz, led a team of researchers, including Dr. Natasha Dimova, a UA assistant professor of Geological Sciences, to

Kim Genareau’s volcano lightning research in the news

Dr. Kim Genareau’s recent paper in Geology is highlighted in several news articles such as, Science,  Science News, KQED, and Science Daily. Her research describes how extreme heating of airborne ash by lightning

Lindahl MS and Ph.D. Scholarships Available Now

Lindahl Ph.D. and M.S. Scholarships: The University of Alabama, Department of Geological Sciences (DGS) seeks highly qualified Ph.D. and M.S. students with specializations in topics that complement faculty research interests.

Samantha Hansen honored by Alabama State Legistlature

The Alabama Legislature passed a Resolution on July 23, 2014, honoring Dr. Samantha Hansen for her Presidential Early Career Award (PECASE). The Resolution, by Tuscaloosa representative John Merrill, notes that

Groundbreaking Groundwater Research

Dr. Chunmiao Zheng, the George Lindahl III Endowed Professor of Hydrology in the Department of Geological Sciences, received the 2014 Distinguished Alumni Award from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, his alma