Kim Genareau’s volcano lightning research in the news

Dr. Kim Genareau’s recent paper in Geology is highlighted in several news articles such as, Science,  Science News, KQED, and Science Daily. Her research describes how extreme heating of airborne ash by lightning can create tiny glass spheres as seen below.  Such spheres were documented in deposits from the recent eruption’s of Mount Redoubt in Alaska and Eyjafjallajökull in

Lindahl MS and Ph.D. Scholarships Available Now

Lindahl Ph.D. and M.S. Scholarships: The University of Alabama, Department of Geological Sciences (DGS) seeks highly qualified Ph.D. and M.S. students with specializations in topics that complement faculty research interests. Exceptional Ph.D. students will receive Research or Teaching Assistantships and a Lindahl Scholarship totaling $22,500 for a nine month appointment. The University of Alabama covers

Samantha Hansen honored by Alabama State Legistlature

The Alabama Legislature passed a Resolution on July 23, 2014, honoring Dr. Samantha Hansen for her Presidential Early Career Award (PECASE). The Resolution, by Tuscaloosa representative John Merrill, notes that Dr. Hansen was “one of approximately 100 scientists and engineers honored in ceremonies at the White House in April 2014 for their innovative research and

Groundbreaking Groundwater Research

Dr. Chunmiao Zheng, the George Lindahl III Endowed Professor of Hydrology in the Department of Geological Sciences, received the 2014 Distinguished Alumni Award from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, his alma mater, for a highly original and influential textbook and software that have transformed the groundwater consulting industry. Read more about Dr. Zheng’s award.   

Seeking Post-Docs

Projects in a range of fields including geophysics, petrology, geochemistry, hydrology, stable isotopes, tectonics, and structural geology

Students and Faculty in the News

January, 2014……….. Josh Vanlandingham, an undergraduate student at DGS was selected to receive the Second Place Gordon I. Atwater Award for his poster, “Unraveling Gulf Coast paleo-rainfall variability using climate proxies archived in Alabama stalagmites,” presented at the 2013 Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies (GCAGS) Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana. This is based on undergraduate research he is conducting with Drs. Aharon and Lambert.