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Our Energy Research Program tackles fundamental questions related to hydrocarbon and water sources to meet the ever-increasing demand for energy. Leveraging the vast collection of subsurface data available through the Geological Survey of Alabama and the Department of Geological Sciences, our interdisciplinary research focuses on integrating all elements of petroleum systems from source and reservoir to structure and seal.

We combine models derived from subsurface data with the study of outcrop analogs from both ancient and modern sedimentary systems. This wealth of data offers a natural laboratory for various disciplines, including structural geology, clastic and carbonate reservoir and source-rock studies, stratigraphic forward modeling, seismic data acquisition and processing, and petroleum systems analysis.

For more about our research specialties, visit the Research Overview.


Name Job Title Email
Marcello Minzoni Assistant Professor
Rebecca L. Totten Associate Professor
Bo Zhang Associate Professor
Delores M. Robinson Professor
Department Chair
Yuehan Lu Associate Professor
Rona Donahoe Professor
Ibrahim Çemen Professor