Geophysics, Tectonics, & Structural Geology


Delores Robinson hiking a mountain in Nepal

The Geophysics discipline focuses on investigating the internal structure and composition of the Earth and other planets/moons using approaches such as seismology, geodesy, gravity, magnetics, and electrical resistivity. These techniques are also employed on Earth in the exploration for natural resources, in environmental studies, and to mitigate geologic hazards.

Tectonics is a broad field that encompasses physical and chemical processes that shape our planet. This includes interactions between the Earth’s crust and the underlying mantle, subduction of oceanic crust, formation of the continents, mountain building, and basin formation.

Structural Geology deals with the form, arrangement, and internal structure of rocks, particularly the description and analysis of small to moderate geologic structures, such as folds, faults, shear zones that result from the application of deforming forces.

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Name Job Title Email
Alain Plattner Assistant Professor
Bo Zhang Associate Professor
Harold Stowell Professor
Delores M. Robinson Professor
Department Chair
Samantha E. Hansen George Lindahl III Endowed Professor
Ibrahim Çemen Professor