The Department of Geological Sciences is composed of researchers and scientists who are interested in studying the Earth and beyond through a number of topics including geochemistry, geophysics, hydrology, paleontology, petrology, structural geology and climate modeling.

Areas of particular specialty include the following:


  • Structural Geology
  • Basin Analysis

Geochemistry and Hydrogeology

  • Tracer Hydrology
  • Geochemistry
  • Aqueous Geochemistry
  • Organic Geochemistry
  • Contaminant Transport
  • Hydrogeology/Numerical Modeling


  • Volcanology
  • Metamorphic Petrology


  • Paleontology/Paleoecology
  • Sedimentary Geology
  • Biomineralization
  • Paleoclimatology
  • Paleoenvironmental reconstruction
  • Archaeological science

Planetary Science

  • Cosmochemistry
  • Planetary Surfaces/Geophysics


  • Marine Geophysics
  • Tectonophysics
  • Geodesy
  • Gravity and Magnetics


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